All Inquiries

Dispatch System “All inquiries”

"All inquiries" is a dispatch system that allows organizations to keep a record of all incoming requests, quickly respond to calls, perform tasks, record the number and transfer / upload information, if necessary, to higher authorities and the CCTY.RU

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System capabilities

Inquiries counter

Placement of a count of incoming requests to the organization's website

Form for accepting inquiries

Placement of form for receiving inquiries from individuals or legal entities

Personal account

Creation of a work area (personal account) for processing of received inquiries: the register of received inquiries, the section of adding inquiries, received through all communication channels, status of inquiry consideration, the classifier of inquiries, results of inquiry consideration

Reports and downloads

Formation / uploading of reports for authorities or control (as well as the CCTY.RU portal if necessary)

What is system "All inquiries" for?

To ensure qualitative and timely processing of all incoming inquiries to the company and their further fixation. And also, for the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated April 17, 2017 No. 171 "On monitoring and analysis of the results of consideration of inquiries of citizens and organizations" for state and municipal organizations and organizations performing socially important functions.

Who uses "All inquiries" system?

State institutions

State and municipal organizations of different industries and levels

Organizations carrying out socially significant projects

All organizations that perform socially important functions (such as housing and community amenities, education, construction, culture, sports, tourism, etc.)
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