Automated telesystem AIST

Automated Telemarketing Information System

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The AIST system will help to increase sales

Telemarketing is currently one of the most effective tools for business development, through which you can quickly increase sales or inform potential clients of a new product release. From the priority areas for the use of active outgoing telemarketing services, companies that develop and support software, can be identified. Opportunities of the contact center: attraction of new clients, informing about the current company updates and events, subscriptions and promotions, working with the already existing client database and partners of the company.

All this will help to optimize the activities of the client relations department and direct the work of managers to communicate with already interested ready clients, thereby significantly reducing the cost of telephony and the salary of full-time employees.

AIST is the development of the company Telecom Project inc.

The company is also a resident of the Special Economic Zone of the technology and innovation Type "Dubna" and a participant in the international program for start-ups Microsoft BizSpark, thank to which it has access to modern technologies and new markets. In 2012 the company entered the National Association of Contact Centers NACC.

During our work we have gained an excellent experience in creating effective projects in various spheres of economic activity. We gladly put into operation projects of any complexity and intensity and in the shortest possible time we can offer you solutions for a significant expansion of the client database, the search for new interested clients, the withdrawal of new products and services to the market, both in a small regional business and in a large transcontinental company. Professional solutions allow us to significantly optimize the time, financial, technical and other costs of our clients.